Avoiding Instantiating Invalid Entity Classes

At Infraspeak, the entire engineering team gets a couple of days, every month, to fully dedicate to pet projects. As me and my friend Nelson were working on our automations Bot, we were introducing the first Entities to our domains without noticing, at first, that we were creating invalid instances. This article shows why those […]

Using The Singleton Pattern For Service Classes

A few weeks ago, during a mentoring session that I hosted with a few colleagues from work, we ended up talking about good examples of using the Singleton Pattern in software development. As we discussed, it appeared that this pattern was in the “no-no” box, for some reason, and labeled as an anti-pattern. I think, […]

Running a smooth Docker stack for Web Development

Docker is the best way to build, share and run applications in the cloud. There’re no doubts about that! You literally only have to configure your infrastructure once, programmatically, and can run on every cloud provider. It’s amazingly fast, too. No wonder that everyone is crazy about this technology and are using it to support […]

There’s more to me than money: a Career!

This is a question which I’ve discussed, many times, with colleagues and friends, and I think it’s such an interesting topic that I wanted to share my opinion with you and, in return, I’d appreciate if you shared yours. So, please, feel free to comment. Although the answer seems petty easy to predict, I would […]