José Postiga

I'm José Postiga, a Senior Backend Developer at @infraspeak by day, a co-host on @LaravelPortugal Podcast and a contributor on various Open Source Software projects by night!

I've been working with web-related technologies since 2008 and I'm experient with Symfony, Laravel and CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Bulma, jQuery and Vue. You can see my career history at LinkedIn.

Besides that, I like to write about tech/web/programming topics and I talk a lot about my daily work on my journal, and I occasionally share pictures on my Instagram. Besides all this, I have an YouTube channel!

You can contact me, directly, via Telegram or Twitter.

Latest article

Stop Messing With The Hosts File cover image

09/09/2019 Stop Messing With The Hosts File

How to leverage Dnsmasq to route all local development traffic to localhost.