José Postiga

I'm José Postiga, a Senior Backend Developer at @infraspeak by day, a co-host on @LaravelPortugal Podcast, and a contributor on various Open Source Software projects by night!

I've been working with web-related technologies since 2008, mainly with Symfony, Laravel and CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, jQuery and VueJS. I've also been getting very comfortable with DevOps, especially with Docker. You can see my career history at LinkedIn.

Besides that, I like to write about tech/web/programming topics and I talk a lot about my daily work on my journal, and I occasionally share pictures on my Instagram. Besides all this, I have an YouTube channel and a Twitch channel, where I make videos and stream myself developing software projects. You should check them out!

You can contact me directly, too, via Telegram or Twitter.

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Stop Messing With The Hosts File cover image

09/09/2019 Stop Messing With The Hosts File

How to leverage Dnsmasq to route all local development traffic to localhost.