Hard reviews, JSON Schema and stream!

Hey there. How was your day?

So, today, was the Sprint Retrospective. We digressed about all situations, good and bad, about this sprint. I won’t share details, of course, but we did talk about what I shared in yesterday’s article: too much optimism. Everybody agreed on being more realistic. By the end of the retrospective, we came up with a pretty solid plan so that it won’t happen again. We’re always learning, we’r enot perfect. But we’re still an awesome Team. 🐱‍🏍

After that, Gonçalo presented the Team with a tech talk about JSON Schema. I’ve never really took the time to be familiar with the RFCs presented, but I was very impressed about the potentialities of integrating this with our API. If I had to bet money I would bet that Gonçalo is already investigating about how to do it, gradually. 😏

On another topic, I’m very tempted to start a streaming channel on Twitch, every Saturday afternoon, were I’d be working on pet projects or other programming related stuff. I’ve always fantasised about streaming myself working. However, if I do it, it’ll be completely in portuguese, my main language. I think portuguese audience needs content on our mother language and I’m willing to do it, just for the sake of it.

What you think? Would you be interested in watching me work and interact with me? I have to admit, in advance, that I don’t have the best equipment to stream (I only have a very low budget webcam) so the sound and video quality will be a little low, at least for the first few episodes while I see if it sparks any real interest of the portuguese public.

Anyway, to finish today’s blog post, I have to talk about this daily blog posts. I got to say I was not expecting that anyone would find interest in reading this. I don’t plan the content of these articles. I just… Write! However, I’ve been receiving nice feedback from a few readers. It’s nice to know. I accept critiques, also, so if you have anything to say, ping me on Twitter.

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