Keep calm and TDD

Today was a very calm day. I finally confirmed that the code sniffers and fixers are configured on all of my teammates’ computers. I continue observing how they’re reacting to the new development process, with the pull requests, code reviews and PSR-2 compliant code. So far, so good. I’m really proud of their effort. 👌

The most noteworthy part of the day was right after lunch when my colleague Luis Bessa came to me to ask me about how to start using TDD. I tried to give him a crash course about the thinking process: first, break the problem in little steps, then stub any dependencies that are required to exist for the test to run (for example, any entity and/or relations) and then using the right assertions for the required result. During this crash course, I showed him some examples of unit and feature tests, explaining, line by line, what was happening. Finally, I referred him to Laracasts, a very good project with several courses about TDD.

Besides this, I haven’t had time to advance on the HUB project, unfortunately. However, I promise I will have news tomorrow! 🤞

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