The first feedback

Today was an interesting day. I found out I already have a (very) small audience! I’ve been aware that a few of my colleagues, including my CTO, Luis Martins, have been reading my posts. He (Luis), in fact, call to my attention on a tech detail (an error regarding my statement about low performant table views) it felt good to know that he cared enough to correct me. It felt really good.

Regarding my working day, it was one of those days that nothing really special happened. I spent most of my day reviewing pull requests and pressing my team leader, João, to finish the review on mine. I did have time, however, to watch how my teammates are reacting to the new code review process. It’s funny to see them adjusting and be mad with the extra steps and waiting time between reviews and merge. When I say mad, I’m not saying on a bad connotation. It’s the normal friction with change. They might not see, yet, how their life will be easier, and their work will start to be deployed with more quality and bugs will be prevented. However, if they’re like this with this basic change, let’s wait when we get to the point where tests will need to exist on every PR. 😂

Nevertheless, I’m really proud of them. Besides all the “noise”, they’re really trying to adjust as quickly as possible. Kudos to them! 👌 This is what separates script kiddies from real programmers: how far are they willing to go for the greater good. So far, I’m not disappointed.

On another topic, I’ve not made any advances on the HUB project, since today I needed to handle a situation regarding my utility contract. Small details that consume a lot of time. Time that I already have very little…

Let’s hope tomorrow is a more interesting day!

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