A very busy start of 2019

Last month I announced that I’d be changing companies, leaving TBFiles and join Infraspeak. Since that, a lot more has changed in my life.

First, I’ve also changed to a new house, in a neighbouring city. This move is a long time in the making, as I needed something with better conditions, to allow for a better quality of life. Even with the housing market inflated, I manage to found a 4 bedroom house with plenty of room for everybody and, even, to have a home office, where I plan to develop some interesting open-source projects.

Before I speak about those projects, I’d like to share my experience at Infraspeak. Even though I’m still at the honeymoon phase (I’m with them, only, since the beginning of this month), but I can say that this was a very good transition for me. I’m surrounded by a very smart group of professionals, which I’m very excited to learn from and, I hope, teach something, too. The product is very good and has a real impact on the life of their users and that’s something important for me, knowing that my efforts, and work, will help people enjoy their work and be more productive and efficient.

Now, about those projects. I’ve been a little away from the community, for the last month an a half, and that is “killing” me. I really want to get back to contributing to open source. So, without further ado, I want to share that I’m starting the development of a little project that I’ve been thinking about. With this, I’m thinking about blogging about it. However, the real objective is not the project itself, but is the learning and development of my own capacities as a web developer. If you learn with me, that’ll be even better!

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