I’m moving away from TBFiles

If you follow my work, you know I’ve been working on a company called TBFiles since the first trimester of this year. However, on January 2019, I’ll start working on another company: Infraspeak.

In spite of the short term I’ve been working for TBFiles, I really enjoyed it. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a big project, for a well knowm Portuguese travel agency, as weel as working on another couple of strategic, internal, services which, in a matter of fact, the CEO decided to invest and make them a top priority for the company, for the next year. However a very good job opportunity came to my attention and I couldn’t say no to it.

Just to be clear, it’s not a simple matter of payment upgrade! As I’ve written before (check this article), money is not the main condition for my departure. Deciding to join Infraspeak was not a easy decision but I couldn’t let an opportunity to specialize as a Senior Backend Developer, instead of continuing as a Full Stack Web Developer. This position suits me the best and was one of the main reasons that led me to sign for them.

I really liked working in TBFiles and I thank all of the people that works there, as they’ve made me feel very comfortable. All my colleagues are really interesting and friendly people, with lots of knowledge and they’re very supporting: no matter your level of expertize, they just focus on making you a better developer. Their soft-skills are really on point. That’s one of the main reasons that this team has mamange to deliver every single project ahed of time. It was the first time I saw that happening! Every sprint was meticulously fulfilled. 👏

Now it’s time to focus on a new chapter of my career. Let’s see how this goes! 🤳

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