Weekly Review #7

ITsoup's first service is feature freeze, and a nice podcast episode with a Portuguese core Laravel contributor.

Weekly Review #7

I'm very late for this, but this week was somewhat slow. Here's the gist...

ITsoup's developments

Finally got around to complete the first domain service, the Organization service. I've launched the first release candidate, which marks the feature freeze of this service, and I can now move to the next service domain in the list: the Asset Active Directory.

Hoping to enter on some interesting topics as I continue to develop theses services in isolation.

New episode of the Laravel-Portugal podcast

Unfortunately, I couldn't be present on this one, due to professional reasons, but an awesome episode nonetheless!

We had Nuno Maduro joining us, talking about its recent join on the Laravel Core Team, and we also had Vitor Spencer, from the audience, joining the podcast, as a lightning guest.

You can check the video here (content in Portuguese).