Weekly Review #6

Resumed developments on ITsoup, contributing to GitHub archiving program, and a new project arises!

Weekly Review #6

This one is a little late, but this week we're back on track, and more! Here's the gist...

ITsoup's developments

I finally got to work on this project, again. This week, I added a new endpoint to show the authenticated user's account information. I'm currently working on finishing the endpoint to update that same information.

We're pretty close to finishing this first service, peeps!

I'm an Arctic Code Vault Contributor!

Recently, GitHub has sent all open source code to the Arctic Vault, as part of their Archive Program. It's a funny feeling knowing that code written by me is being preserved on a safe vault for the future, but I'm proud of it.

As a token of appreciation, GitHub as given an "Arctic Code Vault Contributor" badge to all open source contributors that got their code stored.

A new project on the pipeline

Recently, at Infraspeak, we decided to implement an RFC process to present, evaluate, comment, and vote for architecture, code style, and other types of changes that affect many individuals and teams. We decided to use a common workflow, by using pull requests with markdown documents to present, discuss, and vote on the RFCs we want to implement.

However, I think the manual process steals a lot of valuable time, and that it won't help visibility of current active RFCs, history of changes, or even which documents an RFC supersedes...

Since I couldn't find a good open-source alternative that fit those requirements, I decided that I could build it myself. I already have the planning of the minimum viable product done, but I think I'll wait to build a landing page first, before presenting the project to the public.