Weekly Review #5

Itsoup's development stalled, self-hosted videos are a thing, and another awesome episode of Laravel-Portugal podcast is available.

Weekly Review #5

Closing another week, here. Contrary to the last couple of weeks, this one was extremely calm, for me. Here's the digest...

ITsoup's development updates

There are none, unfortunately. Contrary to my plans, I wasn't able to dedicate any time, this week, to push the development forward due to extra investigation and planning on my full-time job at Infraspeak.

This next, week, however, there will be.

Self-hosted videos already available!

Like I've said on the previous weekly review, I'm moving away from Google Services, and one of those services is YouTube. So, this week, I finished uploading all videos I had on my YouTube channel to a self-hosted NextCloud instance and making them available in this blog, under the Videos page.

I'm expecting to use that page a lot more and host all my next videos/stream.

Another Podcast episode from the Laravel-Portugal peeps

Yesterday I participated in another awesome episode of the Laravel-Portugal community podcast. We talked about team management and the impact that COVID-19 made on teams that, up until now, were working on-site and, forcibly, had to make the switch to fully remote. It was a very interesting conversation.

You can check the video here (content in Portuguese).