Weekly review #4

Final stretch for ITsoup's Organization service, De-Google-ifying my life, retiring YouTube account, and given better purpose to Twitch account.

Weekly review #4

Another week went by, and I've been primarily focusing my attention on how to improve awareness to my content, and finally deciding what to do with the YouTube and Twitch accounts. Here's this week's digest...

ITsoup's developments

I've finally reviewed all the work done on the Organization Domain Service and created all the issues needed to reach a stable first version. It's pretty much related to accessing and updating the authenticated user's account, and I'm expecting to see it be done during the next week.

I'm very excited to get started on the next service: Asset Active Directory.

I'm "de-Google-ifying" my life

If there's something I've been trying to do for almost a year, is removing my dependency on Google services like e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, maps, and a whole lot more. I really don't like to not have control of how my personal information is used, and I wanted that control back, so I decided to look for privacy-friendly alternatives. Luckily there's a website to help choose some alternatives: https://nomoregoogle.com/.

So, I said goodbye to Chrome, Gmail, and all other services, in favor of using Firefox (browser), Zoho Mail (mail, calendar, and contacts), DuckDuckGo (search), Notion (notes), NextCloud (files), and Apple Maps (maps). All these services are either self-hosted (NextCloud, for example), paid for or a free tier (if privacy-friendly).

This doesn't mean I won't use Google products, it justs means I won't use them with an authenticated account and I won't be using them as frequently as I used to. And this hooks onto the next section...

Retiring YouTube channel

With my move away from Google, there's obviously the question about what to do with the YouTube account I was building and all it's content that's already publicly available. The answer is NextCloud!

It won't be a direct and abrupt transition, though. The YouTube channel is still available as I prepare the NextCloud alternative. The end game is to self-host the videos and distribute them on this blog and other similar channels.

This move aligns with my vision for my personal brand awareness. I want my audience to know that all my content is available on, at least, this blog. There's only one exception: Twitch.

New purpose to the Twitch channel

So, with the retiring of the YouTube channel, I turn to Twitch for supporting the live component I started to develop with both channels. I've been very quiet on this segment because I wanted to re-think the way I was doing things...

Having a predefined schedule shown to be incompatible with my life. Having a full-time job, and a family with a small child really brings a very different dynamic to my life and impossibilitates me from having a very good schedule.

As I was thinking about how to conciliate live streaming with schedules, I concluded that despite all that dynamism, I was still being able to do open source work. It wasn't only happening at specific, predetermined, time periods. So, I decided to throw scheduling out of the picture and simply live stream whenever I feel like it, whenever it may be.

There, I fixed it! Make sure to follow me on Twitch, to receive a notification whenever I go live. If you miss it, be assured that the video will be available on-demand, right after the stream ends. Besides, it will be imported and archived on this blog, on the Videos page.