Weekly Review #3

Two new articles, first beta of ITsoup's Organization Domain Service, enrollment on GitHub's sponsor program, and the end of my vacations.

Weekly Review #3

Closing another week, and marking the end of my vacations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it was more of a staycation, really. Nevertheless, here's the gist of it!

Published two new articles

During this vacations, I got the chance to sit down and write about some tech challenges I faced at work and on ITsoup development. This resulted in two articles being published over the past seven days:

  1. "Integrating Infraspeak’s API authentication on first-party clients" - Infraspeak's tech blog
  2. "Add control to JSON Web Tokens generation on Laravel Passport" - On this very blog

I really like to write about my adventures in the depths of programming. I hope you enjoy reading them as I've enjoyed writing them.

ITsoup's development is on cruise speed

I keep pushing on ITsoup's development. I've managed to finish the API documentation and lauched a beta version of the Organization Domain Service, and I've created the issues that need to be developed to launch a stable first version. I'm planning to do that during the next month of July 2020.

I'm really excited about this project and I can't wait to start developing the next service, the Asset Active Directory. This one will have no authentication system of its own and will be totally dependant on the JWT generated by the Organization Domain Service. Traefik, the edge router software I'm using to connect all the services, will be the one responsible for continuously validate the transient JWT and avoid requests to any service if the token is invalid.

I'll be sure to write about this whole development experience.

You can sponsor me through GitHub's sponsors' program

I've recently activated my profile on GitHub's sponsors' program. I'm not expecting a big, continuous, revenue stream from this, but I really thought about it and it makes sense to, at least, activate an option for people to support all my open source work, and I don't mean only the software development part...

Besides all the software development component of my open source contributions, I also write and share all my knowledge through articles and journal entries, I co-host Laravel Portugal's Livecasts and I'm actively present on the Discord server helping other people, and I'm a volunteer on VOSTpt, a community-backed organization that develops digital solutions for emergency situations.

All the work I do is freely available on this blog, all software I do has no strings attached, as well as all the projects I participate in. I don't sell courses, I don't keep things privately available to only paid supporters. All I do for open source is, well, open! And I'm always available to help, to my best knowledge and availability, anyone who needs my help.

This is only another way for anyone who benefits from my work to support me in doing more.

The end of my vacations

It was a much needed three week period away from work. I had time to be with the family, to re-think priorities and objectives for the next six to twelve months, and to study and experiment with new technologies.

Even though they were more of a staycation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, I'm so ready to get back to work and help Infraspeak close their roadmap for this year, as well as to take on new challenges and experiences on the open-source side of my life.

This year has yet a lot to give, and the best part is yet to come.