Weekly Review #14

New Laravel-Portugal podcast episode is out, the community helps out with the API project, ITsoup is stalled and FogosPT project is preparing a big update.

Weekly Review #14

I have a lot of updates for this review. Let's get right to it, shall we? Here's the gist...

New Laravel-Portugal podcast episode

The latest episode of the Laravel-Portugal podcast is already available. We've talked about many of the paradigms in recruiting a job offer. It was a super fun episode! You can check the episode, here.

Laravel-Portugal API latest developments

I'm so satisfied to witness the Laravel-Portugal community members joining the project and helping out with the development of the API's features and fixes. Thanks to their help, we've been able to add a validation to prevent user's with too many unapproved links to submit more links to the system, preventing spammers. Also, there are some accounts related feature under development.

As soon as that feature is integrated, there's a whole new series of other features that can be worked on. One that I've already planned is a simple discussion system to allow registered users to ask questions and get answers. All the stories are already available in the repository issues and anyone can contribute.  I've also made the repository complying with the Hacktoberfest event so that anyone that contributes gets their pull requests accounted for.

One thing I really need to do, in this project, is to add documentation.

ITsoup's latest develoments

I've not made any more developments on this project, since my focus was totally directed to the Laravel-Portugal community.

Fogos.pt's latest developments

As I've posted before, I'm an active member of this project and help out on the backend side of the application. We've been aligning to redo the application, adding support to GraphQL for a more dynamic exploring of the internal MongoDB database, and having a fresh UI.

I still hadn't the time to create the issues, but that's an objective for the next two weeks. If you're interested in helping out, you can check the fogospt/api repository and simply take any issue that's not yet assigned to anyone.