Weekly Review #13

New Laravel-Portugal podcast episode, updates on Laravel-Portugal API and ITsoup projects, and contributing to the Lumen official docs repository.

Weekly Review #13

Piggybacking on the last weekly review, this, too, is a resume of the last two weeks. Here's the gist...

New Laravel-Portugal podcast episode

The latest episode of the Laravel-Portugal podcast is already available. We've talked about On-Call strategies and shared some horror stories. You can check the episode, here.

Laravel-Portugal API developments

On the topic of the Laravel-Portugal community, I've merged a PR to switch from the full-blown Laravel framework to the more API optimized Lumen framework. The reason for doing this is to optimized this layer as much as possible, and that most of Laravel's frontend features made no sense to be kept on a service that'll be purely used as an API.

There're some more things to be done. In fact, I challenge anyone from the community to step up and help out with the current open issues' list. New ideas that could benefit the community are also very welcomed.

ITsoup's developments

I've finally continued the development of the Asset Active Directory, now that the reusable code is extracted in their own packages (Larabeat; JWT Bouncer). Yesterday I pushed the code to the very first endpoint of this domain service: store of Locations. Check the GitHub repository if you want to know the details.

I've also updated the underlying Lumen framework to the most recent version 8.

Helping out with Lumen documentation

As of the time of this writing, I've sent a PR to update the official Lumen docs. As I was browsing the Lumen documentation site, I noticed that the testing section was still referencing the old factory() method, when it should be referencing the new model factories.

Instead of just opening an issue, I thought that this was a great opportunity to help out on a project I very much appreciate.