Weekly Review #12

New Laravel-Portugal podcast episode, two published packages, a retake on ITsoup's developments, and playing around with Electron.

Weekly Review #12

This is a special weekly review because we're actually analyzing two weeks! Thank you for your patience. Here's the gist...

New Laravel-Portugal podcast episode

The latest episode of the Laravel-Portugal podcast is already available. This week we talked about all the news that was announced in this year's Laracon. You can watch the episode here.

ITsoup's developments

In the last two weeks, I focused on extracting some functionality into dedicated packages. This main reason to do that was that those functionalities will be used, as is, for all ITsoup's services. So, instead of duplicating code amongst all domain services, it's much easier to maintain them as individual packages and just include them, via Composer, in each service, as needed.

The functionalities that generated two projects were:

  1. The health-check endpoint, which is used to continuously check if the service is reachable and healthy. You can check the package's repository on josepostiga/larabeat.
  2. The JWT authorization logic, which continuously checks the incoming requests for a structurally valid JWT, as well as the scopes that it contains. If any of those parameters aren't valid, the application immediately returns a 401 Unauthorized status code.  You can check the package's repository on josepostiga/jwt-bouncer.

Now that that's out of the way, I can solely focus on each service's functionalities and not worry about implementation details regarding observability and authorization. I aim to finish the first module of the Asset Active Directory domain service during this next week.

Playing around with Electron+Vue

Another thing I've been curious about is how Electron apps are built. I've been aiming to create a simple Docker compose files manager, so that I can quickly execute the up/down commands without having to use bash alias and/or navigate to the folders where those files are and run the commands manually.

It's still very early to talk more about it, but I and my friend Carlos Marting are halfway through the development  and we need to handle how the app switched the services when we switch the stack to work on, and how to visually show each service log output.

It's something I'm really looking forward to launching. More news soon...