Weekly Review #10

I published a new article, ITsoup's new Asset Active Directory service is ongoing and I've been interviewed for the "Inside Infraspeak" series!

Weekly Review #10

This one comes too late, but a lot has happened in the last week. Here's the gist...

I published a new article!

In my latest article, "How to quickly upgrade PostgreSQL version using Docker", I describe how to quickly upgrade a PostgreSQL service to a newer version and how to migrate the old data. using Docker.

It was something I personally struggled with, and I hope this article can help anyone, that has to go through the same upgrade process, to quickly get up and running on a new version.

ITsoup's latest developments

Now that all the issues had been carefully written down, I started the development of the Asset Active Directory service. The first commits were already done, and now I'm focused on adding the ability for the service to authenticate a request, via the inspection of a JWT (which is the Organization service responsibility to create).

It will check for any of the scopes that are considered valid and only if one of those are found, the service lets the target route to be processed.

Head over to the repository to see the latest developments. Also, feel free to help out!

Infraspeak published an article about me

The series is called "Inside Infraspeak", and is a series of publications that focus on describing an Infraspeaker, so that others know a little more on the other side of a person, besides the professional facet. I had an amazing conversation with my colleague Francisco, and I ended up telling a lot more that I wanted!

You can read the full article on Infraspeak's website.