Weekly Review #1

The very first post of a new series I intend to do weekly. Twitch and YouTube account decisions, new article, and a new approach for ITsoup.

Weekly Review #1
Note from the author: Hey there! This is the very first post of a new serie I intend to do weekly. It's a round-up of all the work I've done on a week. During my experiments with different types of content, I found that videos are too much time consuming, and daily post are impossible to keep for a long period... So, I've settled for a weekly journal post to create a digest of things done on a predefined time period. Hope you enjoy!

This week is the first of three weeks of vacation! Yay! Like a sane person, I've resorted to studying and catching up on personal things as well as, of course, spending a fair amount of time with the wife and kid.

I had time to think about my career, as a whole, and look at all my current projects with a fresh look. It was a decision-making week, with a lot of activity on all fronts. Here's the result...

Suspending Twitch and YouTube content creation

I've taken an executive decision to stop all stream and video-making projects. This means the Twitch and YouTube accounts will be suspended until further notice, as a result of a deep introspection of how I feel about the way I was doing things. After having done a good amount of video content, I concluded that they're just too much off of my comfort zone. So, at least the type of videos I was making, needed to stop.

This doesn't mean that I won't revisit this type of content but in another format. After all, it's a suspension, not a closing.

A new article in the making

I've missed this. Writing is kind of an escape thing for me, and for relieving stress, as well as it acts as an information digest and allows me to commit it to memory. So, it is long overdue, but I finally got around to writing a new article. I won't spoil it too much but is about a new project we've done at Infraspeak, and how using custom Laravel Guards and Providers helped us integrate with our authentication API.

ITsoup project development updates

I took a very good amount of time on this one. If you've been following the development video-series, I need to say I'm sorry, right now, for suspending the making of new videos. However, I'm hoping to compensate for that with the rapid development of the project, although with a few changes in the organization and code architecture itself. It was all rethinked from the ground up.

What do I mean with this... First, the ITsoup GitHub Organization page got an overhaul. The development code is no longer publicly available, and it won't be until the MVP of each composing service is developed and considered ready. Second, and yes you read it right, I'll be taking a services approach (as in microservices). This change comes after thinking about how this project can help the community as well as myself.

I'm not doing this with monetization as a primary focus, but I do need to gain something for my development time. Continuing to do this project as a monolith brings no new knowledge for me, and I was afraid I'd lose focus and interest over time. Right now, if there's any new knowledge I believe I need to learn and experiment with, it is with a services oriented architecture.

There's one publicly available repository where you can find some information about this new approach, based on a domains composition pattern. Check the Documentation Wiki for more information.