Now that I've finished creating all user stories in the official GitHub repository and initialized the "Discussions" feature to allow you to provide active feedback while the project is being developed, it's time to start the development of this project. As announced in the last article, I've already chosen the stack for this: Laravel + Tailwind, with sprinkles of Livewire on top of it.

I could have chosen other frameworks, in other languages even, but I do hope to take this project to the end and, for that to happen, I need to be as fast as I can, with the little time I can dedicate to this. To be that effective, I need to use tools that both serve the purpose and that I'm familiar with it.

I use Laravel every day, so it comes as a natural choice. By using the latest version, I'm able to take advantage of many features the framework already brings out of the box: authentication, email notifications, ORM, session and cache management, queues, and so much more! Tailwind is a natural choice for people, like me, that don't have many skills in designing UIs. I'm hoping that the available, free, components of TailwindUI can allow me to get off the ground quickly... Let's see how that goes!

Besides the code, I've prepared the repository to contain the required Docker configuration to allow anyone to run a dev environment in no time. For now, it's the default installation of a Laravel application with Laravel Breeze. But I hope to start the actual development next week!

Without further ado, head over to the GitHub repository and check out all the info there. Feel free to start giving feedback!