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Everyone's out; I'm out...

José Postiga • 19/02/2019

Hey there. How was your day?

Today, the majority of the Team was working from home. Some had the flu and others had to attend their sick kids. I hope they all get well, soon, and comeback with all their strenght.

So, I finally finished the reporting class, although I need to handle a simple bug regarding record's date filtering but that's easily fixed. The only thing that's needed is to check and optimize all the database queries, to avoid making unnecessary calls and/or eager loads.

On another topic, I'll be ending this daily series. I'll be out for the rest of the week, to rearrange this type of content and make things a little more interesting for everyone, while not overloading myself.

The initial plan is to make a weekly stream, on Twitch, every Saturdays from around 3pm to 6pm, where I'll be working on some pet project and interacting with you. I've been testing and playing with this idea for a few days and I think I'm ready to make this.

However, that doesn't mean I won't be writting anymore. I'll continue to write articles about topics that I see fit. The only difference is that it won't be as regularly as it has been so far.