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I tried, OK?

José Postiga • 18/02/2019

Hey there. How was your weekend?

So, let me kick off this post by saying that, as I promised, I did streamed, this Saturday. However, a lot went south... First of, I forgot to enable the option to save the stream to allow for playback. So, the two viewers that accessed the stream are the only two (besides me) who'll remember it. Second, I went to a lot of trouble to fine tune the stream, handling a lot of breaks and disconnections. I ended up needing to reconnect the stream, twice. It was nervwrecking. But all went well, afterwards although I was very nervous and ended up wasting more time optimizing my configurations than streaming (I only did 1 hour stream, from 5 to 6pm).

So, today, I had some technical problems with my work laptop. You know, just the usual nVidia graphics support problem. Somehow, Ubuntu was not recognizing the nVidia graphics and kept defaulting to the Intel graphics chip. I ended up trying several kernels and nVidia drivers until I found the perfect match: kernel 4.20.10 and nVidia drivers 415. Done! Graphic card was finnaly being properly supported.

During lunch, I had a talk with Gonçalo to clarify some doubts about the inner workings of Infraspeak application. IT's a really complex piece of software, especially for someone who's only recently been working with it. So we discussed about some models relations, which entities were used in several steps of the application. It was a good talk to help solidify my knowledge of the platform.

By the way, if you're in a similiar situation, don't be afraid to ask questions to a more senior colleague! It's better to have your questions answered quickly, so you can be as much productive as possible in the minimum amount of time. Don't try to be cocky and learn all by yourself. You'll drown yourself in doubts and feel stupid.

After that, I kept working with my Team to finish the report we've been trying to release. We're really, really, close to finish the first version. As soon as this is done, we'll be reviewing all the work and optimizing all the queries to be as performant as possible.