Developers and story points cover image

Developers and story points


Hey there! How was your day? Another interesting conversation between the Team, at Infraspeak, today. We discussed why our story points' estimates were constantly off. We program each Sprint to...

Sprint's final sprint cover image

Sprint's final sprint


Hey there, how was your day? Today I continued my work on the report class. I don't think I've said this before but this is the main feature to be dispatched this Sprint (the Epic). I started talking...

Reactive VS Proactive cover image

Reactive VS Proactive


Hey there! How was your weekend? Ready for another week full of opportunities? I had an amazing discussion with my colleague Gonçalo, today. We discussed when to be proactive and when to be reactive...

Structures and clean code cover image

Structures and clean code


Hey there! How was your weekend? Ready for another week full of opportunities? Today I started my day reading the powerful, insightful and intriguing book "Clean Code", by Robert C....

Small, firm, steps cover image

Small, firm, steps


Hey there! What have you been up to? I passed all day working on a report class, which will be responsible to fetch, and process, all maintenance work done in a building (or a set of buildings). It...

Normalization and mocks cover image

Normalization and mocks


I finally finished all my tasks regarding the implementation of the code sniffers and fixers on all my teammates' computers and advanced to other, more challenging tasks. The one I'm currently...